September 2002 News and Site Updates

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September Wassup-dates:

9/28/02 - Jen

We did it!  We reached the goal of $2000 in donations!  Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the birthday fundraiser!

09/27/02 - Jen

Everybody wish Stephan a happy birthday!  Today is the day!  Say a little somethin-somethin in the guestbook!

Thanks to 3eb fan Kristen aka K-Dawg for the spiffy birthday drawing you see above!  Isn't it cute? She even drew on Stephan's crusty old GLPs!  (green leather pants, for those of you who haven't been around since he finally retired them)

Our birthday fundraiser is officially over tonight.  I'll report our grand total on Saturday!  Thanks to EVERYONE who's contributed!

09/21/02 - Jen

Check out my review and pics from Las Vegas 9/10/02.

09/17/02 - Jen

Check out Stephan's Book of the Month for September!

Wanna win this autographed t-shirt?

(click for larger view)

When you donate $5 or more to the birthday fundraiser, your name goes into a drawing to win this autographed shirt and other 3eb prizes!  It's not too late to donate, so send in $5 today - you may win!

Stephan even signed his whole name and not just "Ste Jen"!  It's a rarity folks! 


09/16/02 - Jen

Whew!  I'm back from the last shows on the tour in LA and San Diego.  I had such a great time... I'm exhausted!  Actually, I'm a bit depressed at the thought of having to wait another 6 months before my next 3eb show.  I've had to quit cold turkey and now the withdrawals are setting in.  :(

I'll be getting my pictures and reviews posted later in the week,  but I'm curious to hear from everyone who went to shows on this tour.  What was your reaction to the new songs?  Did you like them?  Did you think that 3eb should have headlined and Goos should have played side-stage where Fono played?  *snicker*

Talk to me!  Don't be shy.  Tell me what your experiences were!

09/13/02 - Jen

Last night was my 33rd 3eb show.  Is there anything wrong with that?  Am I completely insane like everyone's telling me?  Tell me.

Concord ROCKED.  Those who went, wasn't it just a great show?  I got to see so many internet freaks it was great!  Last night was my 3rd show on this tour and I've tried really hard to get the lyrics to the new songs down pat.  Here's the lyrics as best I can decipher them:

If you have any corrections or ideas, please let me know!

Wooby, Carl and I are off to LA and San Diego for the last shows of the tour.  Not sure where our seats will be but if you see us say hi!

09/12/02 - Jen

Ruby (Ask Wooby), Carl (Hot Ghetto Anthems) and I are going to the show in Concord tonight.  We know that 2 of our seats are section 103, row D seats 3 & 4.  Not sure where the other 2 will be.  If you're going, come by and say hi before 3eb's set!

09/08/02 - Jen

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Commie is back from holiday!  Read her latest bit of gossip.

09/07/02 - Jen

Added my review and pictures from Atlanta.

Added Garrett's 3eb tattoo to 3eBranded.

Are you a 3eb fan?  Of course you are!  Go here when you get a min!

West Palm Beach Pics from Julia:

09/04/02 - Jen

We've decided to extend SJ's Birthday Fundraiser until September 27.  Please donate today!

Don't forget, if you would rather donate with a credit card, you can do so on the SF SPCA's site directly.  Just make a note that it's in honor of Stephan Jenkins.

Exciting ideas are being swapped with the SF SPCA on other ways for us to raise money.  I'll report back as soon as plans evolve into actions!

09/03/02 - Jen

Atlanta show rocked through and through!  Not one person was sitting down!  I'll be typing up a review as soon as cloud 9 lets me float on down.  Expect pics and a bootleg to go with it.  But I'll go on and tell you, since everyone keeps asking me - Vanessa is indeed Steph's new girlfriend!  And we couldn't be happier with his choice.  She's pretty, talented AND nice!

The SF SPCA / SJ Birthday fundraiser is still going strong!  We've collected almost $1,000!  We're half-way to our goal!  Won't you PLEASE send in a dollar in honor of Stephan's birthday?

XO - Jen, whose new mission is to "bring some Jesus up into this motherfucker"