April 2003 News and Site Updates

Last updated:  10/01/12 17:09  

Latest News Rundown

  • New single now on the radio called "Blinded (When I See You)".
  • 3eb is currently on tour.  Check the tour section for all the dates and ticket info.
  • SJ is still dating piano-girl Vanessa Carlton.  Have a look at the photos here.

Stephan the Actor

  • Stephan has a lead role in the indie flick "Art of Revenge".  You can buy it now on Amazon.com

  • Stephan has a small role as "Bradley" in the movie Rock Star.  Watch a clip here.


New Third Eye Blind Album!

Out of the Vein will be released on May 13, 2003.  The first 100,000 copies will come packaged with a DVD
"Hiding Out -- A Video Scrapbook," a 25-minute behind-the-scenes feature of the making of the album and more.

Tracklist for Out of the Vein

01. Faster
02. Blinded
03. Forget Myself
04. Danger
05. Crystal Baller
06. My Hit and Run
07. Misfits
08. Can't Get Away
09. Wake for Young Souls
10. Palm Reader
11. Self Righteous
12. Company
13. Good Man
*hidden song*  Another Life

Songs that didn't make the cut:

  • Alright Caroline
  • Break Me
  • Carnival Barker
  • Courageous
  • Invisible
  • Man About
  • Messed Up Kid (aka Fucked Up Kid)
    • features Andrew WK on background vocals
  • My Time in Exile
  • Now I Don't Know
  • Persephone
  • Scattered
  • Spanish Houses

Final tracklist, as seen on copy of advance cd:

(click to enlarge)

Full page ad from Rolling Stone May 15 issue:


Didya know that 3eb has a new street team?  Yup, we're a group of hardcore fans "The Down and In" who get paid in 3eb merch and prizes for our efforts in promoting 3eb.  And guess what?  We're looking for people to join the official team!  So get your ass over there and join...right now! 



Upcoming Stuff

  • 3eb will portray The Kinks Circa 1964 in NBC's 'American Dreams' May 4 Episode
  • 3eb is booked to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wed., May 14
  • May 15th - on Jimmy Kimmel (mistake - not happenin')
  • 3eb feature in Maximum Play (May issue)
  • Stephan/3eb feature in Interview (May issue)
  • 3eb review in Tongue Magazine (TBD)


  • Added lyrics to songs from the new record, as best as transcribed from bootlegs


3eb is in LA today taping their performance for an upcoming episode of NBC's "American Dreams" TV show.  They will be playing 60s rock band, The Kinks,  and performing a cover song, "All Day and All Night," taped on the Santa Monica Pier.  Air date May 4.


Happy 3eb Day!  This day 6 years ago, 3eb released their first record.  Each year we celebrate this day as 3eb Day!  Wear your 3eb shirt, dust off those 3eb cds, fellowship with friends, get drunk and be merry.  :)


Kdawg sent in this pic of SJ and VC from US Weekly: