January 2003 News and Site Updates

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January Wassup-dates:


MTV is reporting an on sale date of April 29 for Out of the Vein.  Word is a single will hit in mid-March, most likely "Faster".  More news when we hear it...


Check out the completely redesigned lyrics section that Dani has been slaving over the past few months!  Make sure to and let her know what you think!  Thanks Dani!!


Good news.

Dani is almost done with her new section on the site that will blow you guys away.  Should be ready in a couple days.

The boards are back up but no more free-for-all, we've got some rules now.

01/23/03 - Cute couple indeedy

At CBS� recent holiday special �A Home for the Holidays�, we were hanging out backstage with the likes of soulful pop singer Vanessa Carlton and her hottie boyfriend Stephan Jenkins (Third Eye Blind) . . . who each selected a pair of new sunglasses from Maison d�Optique. Stephan opted for the standard rectangular version of Franco�s Wood with the Sunburst Tint, while Vanessa went retro chic with black plastic Maison Frames with an Azure Tint.


Freakwently axed questions:

Yes, Out of the Vein is *due* out in April but no firm release date.  Yes, I know that everyone is reporting March 3, but to the best of my knowledge it's been pushed back again to April.  Yes, this album was formerly titled Crystal Baller.  No, Stephan's movie was never on the big screen.

Hope that helps...my email inbox at least.


From the Feb. 2003 issue of San Francisco Mag:

Rocker turned socialite Stephan Jenkins has been auditioning of late for a new role: diva. At a recent photo shoot for the New York Times Magazine featuring Jenkins and co. at his Napa abode, the Third Eye Blind bard was so difficult to work with that the infuriated crew were on the verge of packing their bags for New York. Instead, the magazine decided to salvage its style story by shifting focus to the photographer, local rock lensman Mick Ross. This will no doubt disappoint Jenkins pals Trevor and Todd Traina, who, according to an inside source, were anxious to make the cut but failed to impress those outside the 415 area code. Maybe they should take a lesson from their younger sisters.


Stephan's first starring movie, Art of Revenge, will be coming out on VHS/DVD on February 25.  You can preorder it now on Amazon.com

How Far Would You Go To Get Even?

When Matt leaves his wife Laura for younger, more beautiful women after he becomes a successful musician, she vows to get revenge.

Determined to make Matt pay for his betrayal, Lara hires Tuesday, a beautiful drifter, to crush him once and for all. But as the two women become more involved with Matt and with each other, loyalties are challenged it becomes clear that there is more at stake here than simple revenge�

Much thanks to Lower Chelsea for the heads up!


If you missed 3eb on Dick Clark on New Years Eve, you can head over to TF.com and download it to play on your computer.

January contest will be updated shortly.


Congratulations to Allie who won the December photo caption contest.  Check out hers and other notable entries here.

Gotta love 3eb's performance on Dick Clark last night!  Blinded and Faster are ON!  Love the slight changes to Blinded during the chorus - wow - what a great song!  So fun to watch a song be "built" over the years and then witness it turn into a mega hit.  I have only one negative thing to say about the performance.... what the FRICK is up with the audience doing the ELECTRIC SLIDE to 3eb?  Not once, but twice!  Ohhh my lawd I was grrring when I saw that!  You don't slide to 3eb!!  hehehe