March 2003 News and Site Updates

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New Third Eye Blind Album!

Third Eye Blind is finished recording their 3rd album named Out of the Vein. Look for this album to be released on May 13, 2003.  The first 100,000 copies will come packaged with a DVD
"Hiding Out -- A Video Scrapbook," a 25-minute behind-the-scenes feature of
the making of the album and more.

Latest News Rundown

  • New single now on the radio called "Blinded (When I See You)".
  • 3eb is playing the East Coast March-May.  Check the tour section for all the dates and ticket info.
  • SJ is still dating piano-girl Vanessa Carlton.  Have a look at the photos here.
  • Those EPs he was talking about 3eb making years ago? Well, he says 3 are done. 1 is a cd of just covers that took only a couple of days to record.

Stephan the Actor

  • Stephan has a lead role in the indie flick "Art of Revenge".  You can buy it now on
  • Stephan has a small role as "Bradley" in the movie Rock Star.  Watch a clip here.

Possible Tracklist for Out of the Vein

  • Alright Caroline (I doubt this one.)
  • Blinded COUNT ON IT!
  • Break Me
  • Can't Get Away From You COUNT ON IT!
  • Carnival Barker
  • Company
  • Courageous
  • Crystal Baller  COUNT ON IT!
  • Faster COUNT ON IT!
  • Forget Myself  COUNT ON IT!
  • Good Man COUNT ON IT!
  • Hit and Run COUNT ON IT!
  • Invisible
  • Man About
  • Messed Up Kid (aka Fucked Up Kid)
    • features Andrew WK on background vocals
  • Misfits
  • Now I Don't Know
  • Palm Reader COUNT ON IT!
    • features author JT LeRoy on the phone
  • Persephone
  • Scattered (I doubt this one.)
  • Self Righteous COUNT ON IT!
    • features Kimya Dawson of Moldy Peaches on background vocals
  • Spanish Houses
  • Taste for Danger COUNT ON IT!
  • Wake For Young Souls (I doubt this one.)
March Wassup-dates:


Tickets for 3eb's new tour, Within Arms Reach, are going on sale shortly.  You can buy tickets and bid on special 3eb packages that include such things as BACKSTAGE PASSES!  It's the coolest thing any band has ever done.  These clubs that 3eb is playing are TEE tiny clubs and sure to sell out fast, so you better buy your tickets NOW!  You're sure to be within arms reach of the band!  You can ONLY buy tickets online - go here for all the dates, details and links to purchase/bid.

PS:  When you sign up to buy tickets and bid on special 3eb packages HERE, gets credit for it.  So help out while you get your 3eb on!

More info to come soon, so keep an eye on your email inbox.  If you haven't yet signed up for the newsletter, you better do it right now!

Within Arms Reach tour reviews and photos are welcome to be posted here(registration required)

Our buddy Kdawg went to the Waltham show and got the chance to talk to Stephan, and he told her:

The newest 3eb songs "Taste For Danger" and "Hit and Run" will definitely be on the album.  He said, "my lips to God," OOTV *will* be out in May. He also said that there will be ANOTHER brand new song "Coming Out of Exile" that will be available only on 100,000 copies of the DVD. They are still arguing with the label about the video for Blinded, because he said they want to make the videos on their own.


Announcing the new 3eb tour - Within Arms Reach!  Check out the first set of tour dates.  More to come very soon along with some exciting news!  Keep checking back for the latest.

If you haven't heard it yet, check out 3eb's new song "Blinded (When I See You)"!!

SJ did a WONDERFUL job guest DJing on Alice 97.3 in SF today.  I'll be posting an mp3 of his show over the weekend.  In the meantime, take a looky at these pics from the Alice Looking Glass and Alice staff.


Download "Blinded (When I See You)" as recorded from AOL.  Sing along!  Read the lyrics here Thanks, Dani!

Stephan is scheduled to appear on the KFOG morning show on Friday 3/14, which airs from 6am - 10am.  Thanks, Jason!

Stephan is scheduled to appear live in studio on Alice@97.3 radio in San Francisco Friday 3/14 from noon-1pm to play DJ for an hour and premiere the new 3EB single.  Thanks, Wyro!

"Misfits" Scrapped from New Album - article
Thanks, Rduran!

Dallas KDGE interview with Stephan was CANCELLED.

3/12/03 - Email from Elektra

Third Eye Blind Unveiling New Music
This FRIDAY (3/14)!

3EB will be introducing the world to their highly anticipated new album, Out Of The Vein, this Friday on AOL. The band will debut a track from the album on AOL's First Listen, and members can take part in this special event by logging on this Friday starting at midnight! The First Listen will appear on the 'welcome screen', so there's no way you can miss it.

This will mark the first time you will be able hear a brand new song from the new Third Eye Blind album. The track will only be up on AOL for 24 hours starting this Friday (3/14) at the stroke midnight -- be sure to check it out before it's gone. Yes, this track has a name, but you'll have to take part in the First Listen to learn what song the band unveils!

If you didn't notice, that image to your left is the album cover of Out of the Vein. Third Eye Blind is BACK!! Hold on tight because they are about to take the world by storm once again!

Out of the Vein In-Stores May 13th!

Take care,

All you Dallas 3eb freaks!  Make sure to tune in to KDGE's Diva Radio show with Jessie Jessup this Friday!  She'll be interviewing Stephan live and also premiering the new 3eb single, "Blinded."  Don't miss it!

And for all you non-Dallas folks, well, Jessie is so kind to be sending me a copy of the interview and I should have it loaded up on the site in MP3 format at the first of next week!


New tour date in Malibu, CA!  Wooby and I are going, are you going

SJ and VC are in the new US Weekly mag with Britney and Fred on the cover. Page 17 has a pic of them and a little snippet.  Thanks Brandi!


The new album, Out of the Vein, release has been moved to May 13.  The new single is still undecided at this point, but should impact radio 6 weeks prior to the album release, which is around April 1.  Below is the new album cover art:

Also, there are rumors circulating as to if there will be or won't be a summer tour this year.


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